When the rebel yells yeah, yeah, yeah!

life coach dee jordan rebel yells

Something came to me today in a heartbeat moment… ‘Do not let the limiting beliefs of others limit you to what is possible’ Seize the big control back of your thoughts and start living your life on your terms and hey ditch anyone trying to influence your attitude and your visions big time. Rip your heart wide open and see what’s inside – it may scare you, it may excite you but is your heart singing right now? If not start believing in yourself and make choices to support the exciting life you want. Stretch yourself way, way out beyond your comfort zone and learn new things then gain confidence and renewed self esteem. Just by unfolding what’s hiding inside that massive beautiful heart’s desire and speaking it, feeling it and being it you will unleash the rebel within and start living a wild delicious life as the authentic playful you! Loving it!

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