Sticks and stones


Sticks and stones may break my bones. But words will never hurt me.” WOW! This so much a lie right! Words hurt big time and linger sooo long and they have such massive power. Words are weapons and maybe heroes depending how you wield them right. So let go and wield them wisely with power and lots of love right let’s do this thing cos breakthroughs are sneaky and powerful and so many people have closed their eyes to their gorgeous inner soul so let’s be grateful this moment and open up. So for your sadness or your pain or your breakdowns everyday strive to be the reason someone else believes in all that is great in people. Use your words to heal and never to puncture. Be someone’s story to themselves they repeat back when they have lost faith in the world hey you can do this you got this big time and hey let’s make it happen tonight right this heartbeat moment cos it’s beating deep within us all this very moment.

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