See your day through eyes of gratitude and happiness



Wake up gorgeous it’s a beautiful new day filled to the brim with new beginnings, new learnings, possibilities and wonderous wonder!

Do you wake up feeling excited and alive and ready to leap out of bed to a new day of delicious discovery or do you wake up and want to stay cocooned.

Here’s some awesome musings to gently awake your sweet soul and get connected again at one of the busiest times of year.

There is a scientific study saying that gratitude can be cultivated and it is a way of seeing the world. If you start each day from a more positive place it is a hell of a lot easier to maintain it. By learning to break negative habits and beliefs and start bringing gratitude and mindfulness into our daily lives we can all increase happiness in the present.

What they have found is that people who practice daily gratitude are:

25% happier and have hope and optimism – believing that what you do makes a difference

Have better relationships in all areas with more depth through social connections – we are wired to be social animals right!

They perceive stress as challenges instead of threats. Too little stress leads to poor performance the same as too much stress. The trick here is in understanding your personal optimal level of stress and that happy sweet spot in the middle so you can live at your true potential.

Have more meaning in their lives, a purpose to get out of bed every morning and be excited for the day. Purpose in life is having that connection between our values, strengths and our actions.

Exercise more and enjoy better health with less daily sickness

Are 20% more generous with their time and money

The happiest people are always the ones who are striving for the more challenging goals and dreams and who feel they are making a difference in the world. But often we are not consciously thinking of how happy we are until we are in distress and then think ‘Eeeeeek! I’m not happy’.

Here are some simple actions for you to start today:

Dedicate 15 minutes a day to Gratitude.

Using the power of gratitude can have a huge impact on how you think. Start off by doing the 3 good things exercise which is every night writing down 3 good things that you are grateful for and beside each one write down what made them good. So it doesn’t get boring keep switching it up and being creative with your writing and you can even add in some doodling! If you commit to doing this the results you will experience in a week, a month, 6 months and a year will be so powerful, it will completely change your life.

Another fantastic life changer which will have such a profound positive impact on you is to do ‘The Gratitude Visit’ this exercise comes from the founder and pioneer of positive psychology Marty Seligman.

Think of someone who has had a positive impact on you in your life and someone who you have never really thanked properly.

Brainstorm the positive effects they have had on your life.

Think of anything general and specific that this person has done for you and express your feelings with lots of detail.

Take as long as you need to write this letter and when you are ready hand write it on some beautiful stationary using a beautiful pen.

When you have finished call the person and arrange to meet up but don’t tell them about the letter. Then when you are together read your letter out to them and then give it to them.

Pay attention to your feelings when you read this letter and spend time with this person reflecting together.

This is such a powerful and potent booster of how you feel ever and will improve and increase your feeling of bliss and wellbeing on this planet immediately.





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