Satisfaction is always an inside job!

life coach dee jordan satisfaction

Hey here’s something to think about, hoping tomorrow is going to feel better if you are around that certain person, hope everything will be better somehow when you wake up, here’s the big key. NOTHING outside of you can produce satisfaction or happiness – No job, no money, no house, no car, no man or no woman. We are so super conditioned to think it is but the big fat truth is this is not how it is as all. You know the biggest gift you can give yourself is getting interested in how you are feeling right here, right now. Are you loving it in the now or wishing you were somewhere else all the time? Guess What? You’re the source of your satisfaction and if you feel like crap it’s you! So go for everything you do with massive enthusiasm and wham bam your life will become satisfying in one heartbeat moment! Loving it!

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