Running down the dream tonight

life coach dee jordan running down the dream tonight

Are you running down the dream? Remember that feeling deep, deep, deep down of being young, wild and free, being you going hard out for what you believe in, want and have burning passion for, your dream. Lost it? Passion is the rush of electric energy being who you are and doing what you do naturally every heartbeat, like water caressing a natural stream gaining energy from the path it takes. Here’s the tip tonight start snacking on the gorgeous present ‘NOW’. By being fully present with your whole luscious being every loving pulsing cell will bring an illuminating burning flame of your consciousness which is the power of your presence removing time and igniting your dream again as no negativity will survive here ever, Your passion for life comes from the honest and natural strong you so close your eyes and dream again. X Dee Writer, lover of life, daring to dream again with passion, eyes closed.

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