Relationships – How’s it really going for you?

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So relationships not only with your main squeeze but your kids, your Mum and Dad and your relations and friends – how is it really going? So what’s the secret to a great relationship? People come into your life for a reason but you can change what you love about them and what you don’t love in a heartbeat. It’s like tuning in your radio – you tune in the frequency of love then everyone who is on your frequency you connect with. They are on your wave length – how cool is that! If the person you really want isn’t on your frequency don’t try and change that cos you can’t think for them. They need to be happy to receive happy – does that make sense. If something is not working right now in your relationship take a minute and put yourself in their shoes or sandals or barefeet. What do they see when they look back at you? Are you the person you really are saying you are, are you being the real you to them or are you pretending to be someone or something else? Sometimes even when we know people we hold back.  So to be true to yourself and to have awesome relationships look for the stuff you love in a relationship more than any negative and it will appear big time! Imagine having the perfect relationship with all your heart. Stop noticing the negative things and give love and all the negative stuff in your relationship will disappear. Awesome things happen when you give love to your relationships. Try it you might like it and it will change your life from the moment you think it!

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