Random Acts of Kindness!


Give first to receive happy things. It has to happen this way cos whatever you want to receive in your life you must give first and by doing this you get back whatever you give out! Simple. You know you have the power to have everything good in your life. So by giving good feelings you get what you want, give more and get more of what you want. Everything you want wants you but you need to just give to receive them because your feelings are the power of what you think. Have you ever experienced a random act of kindness? Kids are masters at it and they do it so spontaneously with real feeling and love. Little gifts from their own creations of cards or a picture to a smiley fresh flower picked from the garden or even an old rock they have found and turned into a work of art! Don’t you just love this when you receive something special like this which has been given especially to you and has been made with heaps and heaps of love.  Doesn’t it make your heart jump and joy well up inside when you thank them and they hop away singing and laughing in a world of happiness. WOW! So when you walk down the street and someone pops into your head instead of thinking oh later, listen to your heart and that little voice inside and be courageous enough to do something random for someone today. It may just be a phone call saying Hi I was thinking of you, a hug, a smile or a laugh but stop and listen and act on it. Watch how their eyes light up and their spirits lift – awesome! Love random acts of kindness. Start right here, right now as today is all we really have and tomorrow is only a promise to all of us.

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