Its all about the deep, deep passion

life coach dee jordan passion all about the passion

Ask yourself are you truly living your life weaving your inner passions, desires and wants into your life being you heartbeat by heartbeat? Animals do it and we call it instinct, and hey guess what we have it too! It’s the mysterious magical that we call our inner intuition. What I have learnt growing up is that we are taught when we are little and young that we must be reasonable and stay logical and consistent and avoid emotional and irrational out there on the edge behavior! To put the big squash on our feelings well hey here’s the duck’s guts…a lot of our personal problems are the result of fear and huge big time suppression of our intuition. WOW! Come on! Feel it, love it let it become part of you and your passion and create the magic in your life right here right now listening to your intuition. Loving it!

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