Is life sucking right now?

life coach dee jordan life sucking right now


If your life is sucking the life out of you big time right now maybe it’s time to change your identity and let go of any negative words that are controlling how you feel. The easiest way to create a new way of being is by creating a new daily habit into your life just like cleaning your teeth and making it a daily ritual. One of my morning rituals is a green juice, woot! woot!, writing and walking in the freshness of nature. Love it! Emotion is created by motion and the way we feel affects everything we do every moment. Find what works for you, commit to doing it every single day and I promise you will feel the power of your ritual transform you into a more confident, productive, happy, positive person who you really are deep down. Go give your heart a jump start and be the happy you that is loving life again. Happy Friday everyone! X Dee Lover of life, writer, off walking.

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