Hummingbirds – Float free of time!

dee jordan life coach hummingbird WOW! So love this little guy! Did you know that legends tell us that the hummingbirds float free of time! How cool is that! They carry our hopes for love, joy and celebration. The little hummingbird’s delicate grace reminds us that life is so rich, so full of beauty and is everywhere, every personal connection has deep meaning and most of all laughter is one of life’s sweetest creations!!! Awesome! Be yourself today right here, right now and see what unfolds for you in living the life you truly love to live! Think about what is holding you back? Can you ditch some of the big coats you have put on over the years and shed them to reveal the real you? It may take time to chip away and discard those heavy coats but if you can do this you will really find what makes you spark and live the life you love. Don’t wait until everything is perfect in your life – will it ever be? Dig deep and focus on what you love with such a passion and what really sparks you and lights up your eyes! because when you find your passion you find your real purpose in life!

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