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Hey What’s Stopping You Give up the crappy limiting routines when you feel the fiery longing to…

Feeling stuck in the same old big boring ways of doing stuff? Finding all those super routines you have tweaked to perfection is just not working anymore? I know when I get up at 0 dark 30 to go for a walk along the beach right now in this gorgeous summer is absolutely full of deliciousness and saturates my inner core. But hey when the seasons change getting up at 0 dark 30 when it is dark and cold sucks the life right out of me and does nothing for my wild heart! So change it up with something I have learnt by being a change maker, a risk taker and be guided by your inner true nature to do it differently. Identify an area not working and ask what do you really need to fulfill that part of your life right here, right now? Hey just one luscious golden footprint can move you forward in the gallop of a feisty heartbeat and guess what? You don’t need anyone else’s approval ever! Loving being a change maker always living on the edge!

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