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Biking on my gorgeous pastel coloured cruiser with its white basket and joyful bell really made my heart sing over the summer while away on holiday. It hits all the sweet spots of my senses, exploding my sight, sound, touch, smell and the biggest one is how it makes me feel. I rode my bike on holiday and loved the feeling of freedom and when I came home I parked my bike back in the shed for another year. Eeeeek! I asked myself WHY I love the feeling so why do I do this. My ingrained belief was every time I thought about biking I thought about training and doing 100ks as that’s what I did, train for a race like Lake Taupo or a triathalon going hard out. Crazy! I love the feeling so I decided just to go do it and I love it! Feeling the goosebumps as I ride to the beach, to the shops or just around the block, how cool is that, easy breezy a no brainer. Don’t wait till you get the perfect gear and the perfect day just start starting and by the way my gorgeous ride is not a gorgeous pastel cruiser but my trusty old Trek 7000 mountain bike with its taped fluro yellow aero bars and comfy seat full of beautiful memories from biking around Europe with my main squeeze. X Dee Lover of life, writer, doing something everyday that blows my hair back and makes my ‪#‎heartsing‬

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