Gratitude is a random closeness

life coach dee jordan gratitude is life

Longing for a sweet change, a real wanting for a happier life, exciting relationships, more financial freedom? Well here’s a solution which I know will start to kick it in deep to your inner core. Stop, pause, and look at how awesome life is and start feeling grateful for anything you have this beautiful present moment. It’s all about a deep inner trusting of love, fearlessly saying the words with love flowing from your heart. Saying these two beautiful words ‘Thank you’ with love is pure, rich golden magic. Try it and let it become a daily habit and fall into connections everyday getting caught up in an authentic love affair with life. Embrace being a connector, loving random closeness, seeing others and helping others to feel grateful too fearlessly without shame illuminating your gorgeous soul. Have a passionate day and night full of gratefulness X Dee Lover of life, writer and a massive believer in you!

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