Feel raw and gritty


I want to feel understood, heard, to be real, gritty and raw and not fluffy full of sweet words and transparent. Someday do you feel tired of people trying to inspire you to be better, stronger, and happier in your life. Whoa hey slow down and let me be me, let me fumble and find my own patch of light in the tunnel of darkness. Let me figure out some stuff on my own with no help from anyone else. It’s my life right now, my journey. Let me find the realness of life with more storytelling, less advice and more love, a lot more love, more messing up than trying to act as if you never do anything. Free fall into the fun and the play and the laughter, let your hair fall free, this is life, my, your life; this is daily life so why not live it all right now with no regrets ever precious heartbeat moment. X Dee writer, lover of life big time


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