Change your state

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Deliciousness! I devoured 3 pieces of fudge brownie like a 3 year old and I’ve been dancing in the sunshine and rain all day and night. If you ever find yourself in fear stop, you are either living in the past or thinking about the future but think about what you can control. My tip tonight is to go change your state by mixing it up. Try bursting up the stairs running sideways feeling your gorgeous feet, your legs, how you run, your breathing, the sweat on your brow. Changing your inner state makes you feel way different in a heartbeat so go hard and suck the life out of every day and live it to the max, cross your fingers and toes even if fear hits you like a wall change it by mixing it up randomly and start to feel the power of the present moment and let it drive deep within your sweet heart seeing the love that lives within through a new lens. X Dee Lover of Life, Writer, laughing about running up the stairs sideways!

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