Waking Up To Self Confidence

Waking up to self confidence

  • March 13, 2017

This morning I was walking along the beach and it was not a perfect bluebird day, it was windy, a whole lot of rain and a lot of wild but I ventured out into the elements with my little fur buddy. I looked at him running up and down such a free spirit greeting all the other dogs with his head held high and all the other dogs would do the same to him and it dawned on me that self-confidence is all about living fully in your body! BOOM LIGHTBULB MOMENT! This is as true as when you look at any animals and horses show this off so well as they live fully in their bodies and move with a natural confidence, they face their fears and take risks and have complete trust in their abilities. Even athletes are the same they walk tall exuding confidence and respecting themselves seeing their life in a positive light. This is it time to give up the need to be perfect and stop comparing yourself with others. What I have found is if you are focusing on what is lacking in your life you tend to create that even more arrrrghhhh! Instead I find if you focus on what is good and what is working right now in your life with a grateful heart, gratitude can lift you out of the darkness in any moment and it is the key to experiencing more happiness. The cool thing is if you make a list of everything you are grateful for in your life it’s unique to you right. No one outside of you has experienced anything you have in the way you have just in the way that no one outside of you can give you the happiness that you seek as it has always been inside of you waiting for you to re-discover it. How cool is that.  To start the healing process towards living your life more confident is to forgive the younger you for not living up to your standards and say it out loud and ask yourself:

Who do I want to become?

What do I want to learn?

How do I want to feel?

What do I want to discover?

What do I want to achieve?

What I am going to change?

There is only one you with all your special treasures and you were made to be loved and experience happiness so keep dreaming and never ever give up on you. Life loves dancing in the moment so let your hair down and dance confidently, wild and free. Dance through your challenges and celebrations and be the joy and happiness you are fighting for and let joy and happiness become your north star. Whatever you are currently struggling to love and accept about yourself commit to healing, commit to gratitude, commit to self-care, self-trust, and the big one self-love because you are ENOUGH. Remember it all starts with self-love and this is the core of everything you do in life. So keep showing up, keep growing and keep releasing everything that doesn’t serve you and seek out the confident you lying deep inside. X  Dee

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Heart sing

  • January 21, 2016


life coach dee jordan do something that blows your hair backThe power of thoughts…
Biking on my gorgeous pastel coloured cruiser with its white basket and joyful bell really made my heart sing over the summer while away on holiday. It hits all the sweet spots of my senses, exploding my sight, sound, touch, smell and the biggest one is how it makes me feel. I rode my bike on holiday and loved the feeling of freedom and when I came home I parked my bike back in the shed for another year. Eeeeek! I asked myself WHY I love the feeling so why do I do this. My ingrained belief was every time I thought about biking I thought about training and doing 100ks as that’s what I did, train for a race like Lake Taupo or a triathalon going hard out. Crazy! I love the feeling so I decided just to go do it and I love it! Feeling the goosebumps as I ride to the beach, to the shops or just around the block, how cool is that, easy breezy a no brainer. Don’t wait till you get the perfect gear and the perfect day just start starting and by the way my gorgeous ride is not a gorgeous pastel cruiser but my trusty old Trek 7000 mountain bike with its taped fluro yellow aero bars and comfy seat full of beautiful memories from biking around Europe with my main squeeze. X Dee Lover of life, writer, doing something everyday that blows my hair back and makes my ‪#‎heartsing‬

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Let go of your past

  • January 16, 2016


life coach dee jordan let go of your past today

Letting go of our past is the golden key to get what we want in life tonight…Have you come across people who all they talk about is how other people have done them wrong and other people’s dark energy. Guess what these are the people that have the most drama in life. BOOM! A huge massive drama that engulfs them and swallows them up so bad it rots to their core. Here’s something tonight when you hear the drama they share go wish them well and then turn and walk away otherwise you too will be pulled down deep into their drama of deep darkness. Life is too short to listen to all that crapola let go and walk in another more positive direction towards what you love and what you feel connecting with like-minded people always from your beating heart, it’s your life and it’s your choice so go choose wisely. X Dee letting go is the key to moving forward this year for sure, let’s do it!

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The picture in your head

  • January 8, 2016

life coach dee jordan amy winehouse valerie

YAY! Whoo hoo back online feeling the luscious rhythm and the groove of 2016 but it was sooo cool to refresh walking barefoot in the sands for a couple of weeks no devices drinking in everyday and living in the moment of every heartbeat with the ones I love, my gorgeous family and fab friends being totally present and hope you all did this too!
Want to share with you the super cool lyrics from the gorgeous Amy Winehouse’s song Valerie…

“Well sometimes I go out by myself
And I look across the water
And I think of all the things, what you’re doing
And in my head I paint a picture”

So what’s that picture in your head tonight? The big New Year’s Resolution is not where it’s at. Hey It’s all too hard and overwhelming to think for a whole year right. The key I have found is it is all about the feeling in your heart tonight and every night. If you can ask yourself how you feel each day for the whole year this is the golden key to living everyday as the gorgeous beautiful authentic you. So here’s something to help you start this year, just be 1% better every day and guess what? In 100 days you will be 100% better so all it takes is being 1% better every day, believe in you the beautiful you and let your golden light shine bright with all your hopes and dreams every heartbeat moment always living everyday with whatever lights you up. Remember this is your life and this moment is all you have so go hard everyday and embrace the moment. X Dee Lover of life, writer and Amy Winehouse fan big time. X

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Is life sucking right now?

  • October 23, 2015

life coach dee jordan life sucking right now


If your life is sucking the life out of you big time right now maybe it’s time to change your identity and let go of any negative words that are controlling how you feel. The easiest way to create a new way of being is by creating a new daily habit into your life just like cleaning your teeth and making it a daily ritual. One of my morning rituals is a green juice, woot! woot!, writing and walking in the freshness of nature. Love it! Emotion is created by motion and the way we feel affects everything we do every moment. Find what works for you, commit to doing it every single day and I promise you will feel the power of your ritual transform you into a more confident, productive, happy, positive person who you really are deep down. Go give your heart a jump start and be the happy you that is loving life again. Happy Friday everyone! X Dee Lover of life, writer, off walking.

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Are you suffering from sameness?

  • October 13, 2015

life coach dee jordan sameness

Are you suffering from ‘sameness’? Sometimes that feeling of sameness strangles us tight leaving us gasping for air. Break free tonight and breathe deeply, be what you are and fall madly in love with your aliveness again holding on to it tightly like a lover escaping in the darkest of the night. Passion for life changes everything even the mundane in a heartbeat. It all starts with passion, a fire in your belly and hey I feel it too. The secret is to listen to your heart’s loving centre, it knows the feeling, the beat of you, caress it, dig deep and rekindle the feeling to live passionately in all you do every day. WHY? Life’s too short not too! X Dee Lover of Life, Writer, love being and living passionately dancing with the feeling of now.

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