Awaken what really matters

life coach dee jordan say yes to the moment

Bad hair day hard out today! Wild, wild wind, rain whipping me so how about you? Are you feeling truly happy? Are you ready to awaken what really matters? Here is the solution. Say YES to the present moment it is the most precious thing there is, the knowing place where your whole life unfolds with golden gorgeous aliveness radiating powerful energy which is the deep illuminating essence of you – the now. If you find deep emotion takes you away and you are struggling to let go of a burden of the past which is lying heavy in your heart. Be still, breathe in the sweet stillness and find the fresh sense of wonder that is your life, the only place true change happens and the past is dissolved big time is by saying a humongous YES to the present moment and awakening what really matters deep within you, embracing the gorgeous soulfulness which is right here, right now this heartbeat moment, be it and feel it singing in your veins tonight. X Dee Writer, Lover of life, loving bad hair days

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