Money and You – Get Ready to Have the Money you Want Big Time!

Do you want more money in your life right now?
It’s not about how much we give but how much love we put into giving that really counts!
If you don’t have all you need and you don’t feel good about money, if you were to take 100% ownership about the amount of money you receive what would you do differently right here right now?
How would you manage having money in your life right now and what would it change for you in your life? Are you really 100% clear on your goal to obtaining money and have you got a real GPS on where you are heading in your life around money? You set a goal which is great but are you asking yourself some questions about what needs to happen to achieve your goal. What are the benefits? How will your life be different if you achieve this goal around money and how what will change? Are you going to be living your life by your values when you achieve this goal. WOW! so many questions but hey you so need to know these things to really move forward in your life around money. Definitely say “YES” to money!
So what do you do? Simply by changing your language about money can change the way you feel about money. If you have experienced something you can remember it! Change some habits, get over your fears and start having the life you deserve with money. So how would it look for you right now if you had enough money to do what you need to do? What would change in your life for you right now? Start by visualizing and move forward with your vision firmly playing your movie right now about money and you and your life. Be grateful for whatever money comes your way as whatever you are grateful for multiplies as gratitude is the great multiplier! What- ever you do please don’t sabotage your goal around money as your goal for getting out of debt and having more money just because you don’t want to change and move out of your comfort zone. If you rush into something new and feel excited then stick with it don’t chew it over and then justify why you shouldn’t do it! WRONG ANSWER! Remember everything you want is right here just out of your comfort zone so go for it, you only have one life so make the most of it today and stop putting off what you really want to achieve for your life and having all the money you want to be able to live the life you really want to the max – full throttle!!! If you put love first all the money you need to live a life so full will come to you – how cool is that so grab on to it with both hands and never let it go and say YES to money and remember to be grateful!

Make money your friend grab it with both hands!

Make money your friend grab it with both hands!

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