Discovering Happiness Session

This is a one off 2 hour ONE to ONE session where you can start to re-discover your happiness again.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and unsure then this session is designed to propel you out of stuckness and into action and find you and your soul-stirring visions for your life again.

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Happiness Happens 6 month Coaching

If you want your default emotions to change, become less triggered, take better care of yourself and be able to ask for the things you want then this 6 month Happiness Happens Coaching is for you!


  • ONE x 1 hour focused coaching session on what you truly want.
  • 21 x 30-45 minute coaching sessions where you design your life
  • ONE x 1 hour reflection coaching session
  • 15 minute laser coaching phone support calls each week
  • Unlimited access to my inspirational resources and contacts

FREE membership to my Happiness Club

Rebuilding Happiness 3 month Coaching

Change is effortless when you have the right support! This 3 month rebuilding happiness sessions will help you get started and put some real clarity, joy and happiness back into your life.


  • ONE x 1 hour coaching session to gain clarity of who and what you want for your life
  • Ten x 30 minute coaching sessions
  • ONE x 1 hour reflection coaching session
  • Access to my inspirational resources

FREE membership to my Happiness Club

Hello ...

Do you want to stop chasing a superficial life and start living your life with more passion, more purpose, more happiness and more meaning?


I’m Dee, life coach, travel agent, gardener and passionate lover of life. I love helping people heal and grow through coaching and workshops with awesome strategies to discovering self-awareness, self-love, self-acceptance and digging deep to find what you have been searching for.


Right now if you are feeling stuck, held back and you have a real longing in your heart. You know you want change but you are lost, at a cross road not knowing where and what to do. Sometimes you may get a sneaky peek, catch an inspiring glance, a secret whisper of what it may be but you stall out wondering and doubting if it will be right.


It is normal to go it alone and solve your own problems but there are moments in your life where you need someone to lean on and you have landed in the right place at the right time – I will be that person for you. I get it, I’ve been there too.

Want it? Let’s get started book your free happiness coaching call with me



X Happiness PA 🙂 

My Offerings...

Happiness Coaching

Wanting to make a change?

Looking to turn happiness into your new daily habit?

Want more JOY, FUN and FREEDOM in your life and feel like dancing everyday?


Happy, passionate people have better relationships and live healthier, more confident lives. They appreciate the good and see the silver lining, they know how to have self care.  If you are ready to become one of these happy, passionate people learn how I can help you get dancing to the beat of your own drum!


Creative Workshops

Are you passionate about…


New learnings?

New beginnings?

Personal growth?

Passion, presence, purpose, power, play and possibilities?


Find out what really stirs your soul from deep within with Creative Coaching Workshops

What is Life Coaching?

In the rush of daily life we often lose sight of our own wellbeing and how to bring fun, playfulness and passion back into our everyday lives. Being curious led me to life coaching and I discovered through my training that life coaching is the ideal pathway and has the methodology through positive psychology to help you really KNOW you are born for more, and everytime you feel that lacking, it’s probably because you believe your inner mean voice.


Coach with me and I will share with you practical life coaching principles for unlocking the hidden gems within so you can learn how small but important changes to your daily routines can have a huge and positive impact on the way you feel about yourself and others. Gems that will enable you to begin to truly nurture the relationship you have with yourself.


My intention is simple: to continue growing and sharing with you tools, practical solutions and helpful information to support you so you can really start living your life with true happiness from the place of love that lies deep within your heart’s centre.


Get started today with your free 15 minute consultation. This is it! This moment is your precious life and you are precious so let’s go live it brightly and passionately.  Book your free consultation today!


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“Don’t you know yet?  It’s your light that lights the worlds” – Rumi